Become a Foster Parent to Make a Difference

Most people are hesitant to become a foster parent because, honestly, it seems hard. In some ways it is, but it is also completely worth it. Fostering a child is an amazing experience for not only the child in your care but also you as a foster parent. There are so many great things that … Read moreBecome a Foster Parent to Make a Difference

Top Myths of Becoming a Foster Parent

There are many families willing, and able to become foster parents in Nebraska and Oklahoma; the truth is many don’t know where to start. With this being the reality, many eligible foster parents prolong getting the valuable information needed to take the first steps to foster. This allows common myths about foster parenting to remain … Read moreTop Myths of Becoming a Foster Parent

Quick Tips for Becoming a Great Foster Parent

The word “becoming” denotes a striving towards some goal, a growth process. Concerning fostering, you may be in the beginning stages of the process (completing the initial interest paperwork) or somewhere in between (learning and growing as a foster parent). In any case, whether you are a new foster parent or have been fostering for … Read moreQuick Tips for Becoming a Great Foster Parent

Foster Care Training: What to Expect

There are far more children in need of foster homes than there are foster homes to offer. This tragic fact means that many children are being placed outside of their home community, or in shelters. When this happens, children lose not only their family, but also their school friends, teachers, coaches, and sense of connection to … Read moreFoster Care Training: What to Expect

The Sad Reality of Teens in Foster Care

Foster Care Woman and Boy Child Talking inside a retro home

A child’s eighteenth birthday is often looked towards with joy and excitement. That is unless that child is in the foster care system with no hopes of birth parent reunification. When placed into the foster care system, the goal (whenever possible) is always to reunite birth families. Children, if issues cannot be fixed or when … Read moreThe Sad Reality of Teens in Foster Care

The Top Misconceptions About Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster Families

When children are unable to grow up in a loving home, with their biological parents, in a safe and guarded community, unfortunate scenarios, situations, and misconceptions start to surface. Foster parenting is still wholly misunderstood by individuals today, leading to false information and myths about the process that can deter and misinform potentially interested parents.

5 Tips for Being a Stellar Foster Parent

Becoming a Foster Parent

You’ve made the decision to become a foster parent, and that is absolutely fantastic. Thousands of children in Kansas right now are in need of a foster home, and with only 2,000 being licensed and available at this time, there isn’t enough space for these deserving and beautiful kids. If you’ve made the choice to … Read more5 Tips for Being a Stellar Foster Parent