Adoption Services

TFI offers a variety of services to best assess your family’s needs to provide a forever home to a child.

Adoption through Foster Care

TFI offers foster care services to place children legally available for adoption in nurturing and loving homes.

Every child deserves a family to provide them with love, protection and support. Through no fault of their own, children of all ages, including teens and sibling groups, are waiting for permanent homes and a “no matter what” family.  Adopting a child is a life-changing experience and the first step is having an open heart and home.

Adoption is a process and a successful adoption is a collaborative effort between all the significant individuals involved in the child’s life, which includes social services, the legal community and in some cases, the child’s natural family.

Steps to take to become an adoptive family –

  • Complete a Foster Care Application.
  • Take the state required PS-MAPP Training (Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting).
  • Pass criminal background checks.
  • Participate in specialized assessment/home study of the family in order to match the family with a child they are best suited to parent.
  • At this point, a family may choose to become a licensed Foster Care home to ‘foster to adopt’, although not a requirement.

When a family is selected to become a child’s adoptive parents, TFI provides the family with a full array of services which include –

  • Pertinent and extensive information about the child’s history
  • Preparation to meet the child
  • On-going visitation until the child is placed in the home
  • Planning the transition of the child into the home
  • Support through the legalization of the adoption
  • Continued support for the family and child in the year following the legal finalization of the adoption

As we look toward the future, TFI continues to grow and diversify its programs and services. Our adoption program is no different and will continue to grow as we strive to provide what is needed so that families and children can look forward to brighter tomorrows.

To contact us for more information, please call 800-279-9914 or feel free to email us at

International Adoption Home Study Services

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the lives of children and families, TFI recognizes the need for flexibility of options in building “no matter what” families. Thus, TFI is now offering Hague- and IAAME-accredited international home study services.  IAAME is International Adoption Accrediting and Maintenance Entity that has been given the authority under the Secretary to accredit agencies or approve persons for providing services in the United States for the purposes of intercountry adoption cases. To find out more Information about IAAME, you may visit their website at

TFI has been working to strengthen families since 1965 and recognizes children all over the world are waiting for a “no matter what” family. TFI is excited to provide services to families that would assist them in adopting children from other countries.

TFI’s experienced staff is dedicated to working with adoptive parents and primary providers to provide the most thorough home studies, assessments, and post-placement reporting of your home.  As questions arise during the adoption process, staff can research articles, trainings, tips on financing and other resources to answer questions.

Adoption is a very special time for families and TFI appreciates the opportunity to assist families in the remarkable journey of international adoption.  If you are interested in a home study service to facilitate an international adoption, please call 800-279-9914 or feel free to email us at

Each country, including the U.S. has individual requirements for adoptive parent eligibility.

Basic eligibility includes:

  • At least one applicant must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • If the applicant is unmarried, he or she must be at least 25 years of age.
  • If the applicant is married, he or she must jointly adopt the child (even if the couple is separated but not divorced), and the spouse must also be either a U.S. citizen or in legal status in the United States.
  • The applicant(s) must meet certain requirements that will determine their suitability as prospective adoptive parent(s), including criminal background checks, fingerprinting and a home study.

TFI will assist each family throughout the selection process for eligibility verification for both general and country specific requirements.

The cost of international adoption services provided by TFI.

Home Study Fees:

  • Home Study  $1,800
  • Home Study Update (TFI)  $450
  • Home Study Update (non-TFI)  $950
  • Addendum (visit required) $250
  • Addendum (no visit) $150
  • Home Study Review  $100

Other services also available.

Adoption Expenses Disclosure

Our International Adoption procedures may be found here.

Adults who want to open their hearts and homes to children by making a lifetime commitment. There are no barriers as to family composition to become an adoptive family. An adoptive family can be a two parent or one parent home in which the parent(s) are 21 or older.

Every person living in the home 10 and older must pass criminal background checks, as well as personal reference checks. The family must successfully complete the PS-MAPP Training and a detailed family assessment. The house must provide an adequate and safe space for the children.

Children who need adoptive homes come in all ages, races and with varying degrees of special needs. The greatest need for adoptive families are those who want to care for children over eight years old and for sibling groups.

Sometimes through community involvement, such as school, church, scouting, sports, families develop a relationship with a child who is available for adoption. In this situation, the family needs to contact TFI to express their interest in the particular child. Families who know the child go through the same approval process as families who do not know the child.

Keeping children connected to their family is a priority with TFI, Inc. Family members are highly encouraged to express their interest in adopting by contacting the child’s case manager.