Rights and Responsibilities of Children and Youth in Foster Care

Rights and Responsibilities of Foster Parents

Child Handbook to Foster Care

Foster Parent Handbook

Minimum Standards for Foster Homes

Region 2 Placement Incentives

Professional Foster Parent Incentives:

  • Sign On Bonus: $1000 to new families; this will allow families to prepare their home for their first placements. $500 at licensure and $500 once their first placement is accepted.
  • Longevity Bonus: Foster Parents will receive a $100 per year bonus, capping out at $1000.00.
  • Stability of Placement Bonus: TFI homes meeting the criteria will receive the following bonuses to maintain placement (per child):
    • $500 at 30 days
    • $750 at 90 days
    • $1000 at 180 days
    • $1000 at 365 days and every 365 days for the length of the child’s placement