Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities and A Few Safety Tips For Foster Families

When the winter weather arrives, it can be challenging if you’re an active family who likes to partake in sports and other outdoor activities. Even though winter marks the end of the season of football, baseball, soccer, and swimming at the neighborhood pool, there are plenty of things you can do to help your kids … Read moreFamily-Friendly Outdoor Activities and A Few Safety Tips For Foster Families

Three Ways to Help Without Becoming a Foster Parent

According to a report by the Administration for Children and Families, the number of children in foster care is on the rise. This information lends itself to the idea that we all need to play a role in helping these most vulnerable children. But does that mean that everyone should run out and sign up … Read moreThree Ways to Help Without Becoming a Foster Parent

How Foster Care Can Benefit Your Entire Family

Most potential foster parents are concerned with the difficulties fostering can bring. Even after taking in a child, many foster parents can get bogged down by all the challenges they face. However, by no means should we disregard how fostering can benefit your entire family. If you are thinking about fostering a child, or if … Read moreHow Foster Care Can Benefit Your Entire Family

A Word on Saying Goodbye

One of, if not the, biggest fear for those considering foster care is having to say goodbye. Understanding the fact that foster care is largely temporary is essential when deciding whether or not foster care is right for your family. Even those with the healthiest of grasps on this reality may find it difficult to … Read moreA Word on Saying Goodbye

International Adoption Resources

Budget-Audit-Insurance-Risk Assessment Requirements Child Return to Country of Origin Compensation Responding to Complaints and Improving Service Delivery Corporate Structure Case Tracking, Data Management and Reporting Retention, Preservation, and Disclosure of Adoption Records Education and Experience Requirement for Social Service Personnel Employee Training Fee Policies and Procedures Review and Approval of Home Studies Information Disclosure Fees … Read moreInternational Adoption Resources

The Very Best Things About Foster Care

Foster Care. Those very words sound ugly, sad, and hopeless. However, this misconception could not be more from the truth. Foster care is very lively and can have positive outcomes for some unfortunate situations. Everyone has some idea about what foster care lacks. More often than not, the best things are overlooked. Some positives include … Read moreThe Very Best Things About Foster Care

Between Families – Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday 2018

In 2012, #GivingTuesday was created to kickoff the charitable season following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is a global day of giving fueled by social media and collaboration. We at TFI Family Services would like you to join us in donating to the our cause, foster children, and share your #GivingTuesday donations and stories with … Read moreBetween Families – Giving Tuesday