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October 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

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Four colleges offer support for students from foster care

Briana Drummer is a junior at Temple University. Once in foster care, she’s now helping others who have also been in the system. Briana Drummer was 7-years-old when she and her four brothers were taken from her mother and placed in foster care.

September 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

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The Parent Coach Plan

A great resource for foster parents as well as children can be located at This can be applied to all ages and there are many more topics to choose from on the website. This allows the parent as well as the child to engage in the development of the contract which can ensure more success for you as well as the child! They are Parent/Coach Child Contracts

July 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

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A reminder of why we do what we do

RICHMOND — Elexis Webster was just 14 years old when she landed in foster care, after being discovered by police living in a car somewhere near Hayward. She spent years homeless and impoverished and missed three grades. But this week, Elexis’ resilience and determination was on full display as she graduated third in her class with a 4.6 GPA from Kennedy High School in Richmond. She will attend UC San Diego in the fall.

May 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

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Slow Down And Celebrate The Holidays!

TFI is pleased to join in the National Foster Care Month recognition. Every May, we honor foster parents and foster care workers for the work you do to heal the trauma of abuse, neglect and separation. This month, TFI will focus on thanking you and celebrating your willingness to answer the call to foster. Check out our Facebook page for information throughout the month.

Foster Care Cultural Awareness Event

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2017 Completing the Circle Provides roots for Stability and Wings for Success to Native American Children in foster care. The event is an annual foster care cultural awareness event for DHS and Tribal foster families. Many times Native American children in foster or adoptive care are limited in maintaining contact with their culture, while others…

April 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

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Using Service Projects to Help Kids Transition to Spring

Spring can be a challenge for parents and children as school is coming to an end, the weather can be unpredictable which can be boring for all. An idea for the spring season is engaging your children in opportunities to serve others. Service projects can assist the elderly, civic organizations, church groups, and more. Being of service to the community provides children with the opportunity to be responsible, engaged, demonstrates compassion, and shows them they can make a difference.

March 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

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Spring Is In The Air!

As spring approaches and the weather improves; it’s a great opportunity for a fresh start with family relationships. The days get just a little longer and then there’s the fun of spring break to take time for creating family memories. Spending time doing things you both enjoy is a great way to help attachments form with children in your home. Here are some tips for fun spring time activities to do together with children of all ages that can help strengthen family bonds.

Journey to the Cross

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April 14th & 15th  |  7:00pm Rose Hill Christian Church Worship Center Free Admission (Donations Accepted) Easter time for local Christians is a time for a reflection of their faith.  Rose Hill Christian Church drama department invites you to share the amazing story of Jesus’ ministry as he journeys from his baptism to his ascension…
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February 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

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Encouragement Needed! Newsletter – Like all children, your foster child wants to feel like he not only belongs to your family, but that he plays an important role in your household.  If your foster child does not believe that he contributes in a meaningful way in your home, he may seek someplace else to do…