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foster care child writing at her desk

Child writing at her desk.

For many Texans, the foster care system is an enigma. Therefore, the Texas Family Initiative wants to share information that will serve as a foundation of knowledge about the Texas foster care system. Any readers who want to build on that foundation can return to the Texas Family Initiative website to learn more. Indeed, our hope is that by removing the foster care mystery, people will be emboldened to help foster parents and children. Here are some things that may interest you about the foster care system in Texas:

Facts About the System

  • There are over 31,000 children in Texas who are no longer under their parent’s care and require a foster family.
  • There are too few foster parents to provide for these children. Also, they are removed from their community.
  • Sibling groups are often forced to separate because social workers are unable to locate anyone to care for them all. Foster parents willing to take a sibling group of three or more, and accepting children of all ages, are in high demand.
  • A major responsibility of a foster parent is often, though not always, maintaining contact between the child and the birth family.


People are often unaware of the qualifications of foster parents. Indeed, they falsely believe they would not meet those qualifications. Thus, visit the Texas Family Initiative to fully understand what is expected of foster parents, and read over this brief list of some requirements of foster parents in Texas:

  • Foster parents will go through 42 hours of in-person training plus 8 hours of training online.
  • Any person living in your home, over 14 years of age, must consent to a background check.
  • A social worker will conduct a home study, interview the household, and help prepare for the foster child.
  • The Fire Department and Health Department will inspect the home.

If You Can’t Foster

If you are unable to become a foster parent, but still want to help, you may:

  • Become a mentor
  • Donate items or clothes
  • Provide respite care

Learn More About the Nitty-Gritty of the Texas Foster Care System

Indeed, thank you for reading this brief summary of the Texas foster care system. For specific questions and concerns, please visit the Texas Family Initiative website, or call 1-877-942-2239.