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3 Qualities That Make A Good Foster Parent

Being a foster parent is something that can be life-changing and can help you to grow as a person so much. However, it can also be something that can be very challenging. Thankfully, there are certain qualities that you can work on to help you be the best foster parent that you can be. Here are three qualities that make a good foster parent.


A lot of the time foster kids come with more baggage than most children and this can take some time and effort to work through. They may act out or be more difficult to parent, but it is always important to remember patience during these times. If you can lead with patience and love, your foster child will slowly be able to work through whatever it is that they are feeling and you will be able to help them so much more.

Good Listening Skills

Whether your foster child is young or old, it is so important that you take the time to listen to them. They need your love and support and part of this is knowing that they can talk to you about the things, big or small, that are troubling them. Try to focus on listening and just listening, instead of trying to solve their problems or talk over them. Then, if they ask for advice or guidance, you can be ready and willing to offer it to them.

Proper Discipline Techniques

While discipline is important for any child, it is crucial that you discipline properly when it comes to foster children. One thing that you must not do when it comes to disciplining a foster child is to get physical with them. This will only do more harm than good and likely will cause them to act out even more. Instead, use firm words to convey that the behavior is not okay, without getting angry. You can also use methods such as timeout, quiet time, etc., depending on the age and needs of the child.


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