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If you’ve just become a foster parent or are thinking about becoming one, then you probably have a lot of questions. Often, foster parents think that their questions are stupid, so they don’t end up asking them. But the truth is that all questions are valid, no matter how trivial they might seem. If you’ve never been a foster parent before, then it makes sense to go in with all the information. Here are some of the questions that many foster parents ask when they start fostering a child:

  1. 3 Questions That New Foster Parents Might HaveWhat age child should I foster? To some extent, it’s up to you to decide what age child you should foster. If you feel that you connect better with tweens or teens, then by all means foster a tween or teen. Most people tend to believe that it is easier to foster an infant or toddler because they have not yet adopted certain behavior patterns. But the fact is that each age group comes with its challenges.
  2. Is it better to foster or foster to adopt? When you foster a child, that child might end up to going back to his/her birth parents after a certain period. When you foster to adopt, you have the option to adopt the child after a certain period. If you’ve always wanted to adopt a child, then it makes sense to foster to adopt. But if you’re just looking to help out a child who temporarily needs fostering, then just fostering will be a better option.
  3. How long will it take for a child to adapt to my home? This is something that varies from child to child. Each child is different and has had a different set of experiences before coming to your home. Sometimes, a child will adapt very quickly and sometimes, s/he will take a long time. All you have to do is be patient and show the child that they can trust you so that they eventually adapt to your home.

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