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Becoming a foster parent is a wonderful thing. However, in order to become one, you must meet all of the requirements. Here are 4 requirements for becoming a foster parent.

4 Essential Requirements For Becoming A Foster Parent

You Must Pass a Home Safety Check

One requirement for becoming a foster parent is passing a home safety check. This check involves an agent coming to your home to do a full inspection of it. They will check to make sure that your home is safe and in good condition for a child. This will include things like checking to make sure the medicines in the bathroom are in a safe place, the knives and other sharp objects are put away in the kitchen, the smoke detectors are present and working in your home, etc.

Have at Least One Open Bedroom

In order to become a foster parent, you must have a place for the child to stay. The requirement is that you have one room that is set aside just for them. This gives them adequate sleeping and living space and ensures that the child is comfortable when they are living in your home. If you have more rooms, this is even better, but not required.

Must Be at Least 21 Years Of Age

One of the basic requirements is that you are at least 21 years of age. This is a hard and fast rule that ensures you are responsible and capable enough to care for a child on your own.


In order to become a foster parent, you must be employed. This is a necessity because it proves that you can afford to support yourself without the money that is given to you each month to care for the foster child. To prove this, you will generally need some proof of employment from your employer, as well as paystubs.

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