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If you have a preschooler or kindergartener, you’re probably thinking about ways to teach him to read effectively. You want the best for your foster kids but you get confused about how to go about teaching literacy to them. Your child’s teacher mentioned that your child is falling behind and it’s causing stress. Remember that every child doesn’t learn at the same pace and that you want to be patient when teaching them. Books are one of the best tools in teaching your child to read, and here are some good recommendations to choose from.

Best Books for Teaching Little Ones to Read

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

 Many parents of little ones love this book for several reasons. This is a phonics-based book that uses 44 formations of letters called the Distar alphabet to teach letter sounds and there are 100 lessons so you can cover one page each day with your child. Keep in mind that in this book, your child will not learn the traditional alphabet names until he reaches the middle of the book. Your child also learns handwriting as well as literacy skills in this book.

Fun and Colorful Library Books

 Sometimes library books are the best resources when teaching your child to read. Many preschool or kindergarten-level storybooks provide instruction in recognizing the letters along with some simple words and pictures that correlate with the words. This is a neat way to supplement your child’s instruction at school.

Bob Books

 The Bob readers have existed for over 40 years and these short books teach literacy with a focus on phonics and short words that rhyme with each other. You can buy these books as a set and they come in different levels. Bob books are also affordable and the stories are short, which works well for those with attention span issues.

In conclusion, these books are helpful in teaching reading skills to your child.

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