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Foster Care. Those very words sound ugly, sad, and hopeless. However, this misconception could not be more from the truth. Foster care is very lively and can have positive outcomes for some unfortunate situations. Everyone has some idea about what foster care lacks. More often than not, the best things are overlooked. Some positives include stability, a better support system for the child, and parents making a difference.


Many children that are placed in foster care come from an unstable background. This can include moving from place to place with no real roots, or the parents in the situation not being there consistently. The instability can really damage a child’s sense of safety and self-esteem. The foster care system can help rebuild these deficiencies by providing a safe and stable home life that children crave. The child will be able to wake up every morning know that there is food to eat and a steady parent figure there. They are able to go to sleep comforted by the fact that this is the same bed they slept in last week. Because of this, there is a feeling of stability.

A Good Support System

Male fatehr figure hugging his foster child in support of foster care

Supporting father hugging his foster child

Sometimes children need a person that can encourage them when they are feeling down and correct them when they are wrong. A foster home can introduce this support if the child has never had it. Also, a foster parent can help build up support that was already there. Children need a solid and stable support system that is all of these things and more. They need that encouragement, the discipline, the kind words, and the gentle reminders that everything is going to work out. They also need that cheerleader standing on the sidelines showing that support. A foster parent can be all that and more.

Making A Difference

This one is for the foster parents. The very best thing about fostering children is the incredible impact that it will have on these children that have been dealt an unfair hand in life. Foster parents are able to provide so much more than just stability and a good support system. Instead, foster parents can also be a figure of change that is an important job that is filled with tears and laughter.

Learn More About the Positives of Foster Care

There are so many positives and benefits and ‘best things’ about becoming a foster parent as well as a youth being in the foster system. It is possible to help these children. Have you considered becoming a foster parent? Have you come to find some benefits and would like someone to talk to about it? Please contact us and let us encourage you and help with your decision.