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Creating a stable environment is vital for any child’s development. As human beings, we are creatures of habit. We draw comfort from knowing where we will be sleeping each night and when our next meal will come. However, not every child is as lucky to have that type of stable home environment. Thus, it is why fostering can be incredibly beneficial for families that struggle with providing necessities.

As a foster parent, creating that stability for a child is essential to facilitating healthy child development. There are a variety of ways to provide balance to a child’s life that won’t take up too much of your time or cost an unbelievable amount of money.

Here are a Few Examples:

Creating a Consistent Shelter

family created stability in the home

Family of four having breakfast in the kitchen.

Many parents can struggle for a multitude of reasons to provide a regular home for their child. In many situations, the parents want to work hard to ensure reliability for their child in the future, and one way you can help in the meantime is by giving the child a place they can call home, even if only temporarily.

Establishing a Schedule and Sticking to It

Children crave structure and keeping to a specific agenda can benefit the child in a number of ways, especially if you are there to guide them in successfully meeting those deadlines and goals each week. All they need is time and assistance, and a child can do almost anything.

Allow them the Space to Be Themselves in a Safe Environment

Growing up is hard for everyone, especially those who are living without their parents for whatever reason. Giving these children the space to express themselves freely in a way that is productive, constructive, and without harm to others can make a significant impact on their security in themselves and their overall happiness and development.

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