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Did you know that there are approximately 434,000 children in foster care in the U.S. on any given day? That’s around 5 in every 1000 kids!

Foster Care is a vital part of our society, and it is estimated that over 60% of all children who enter foster care will eventually be adopted by their biological parents or other family members. As a foster parent, you can make a much-needed difference in a child’s life. You can help them to become healthy, happy, productive citizens.

Let’s take a closer look at what you stand to gain by becoming a foster parent:

Heart-Warming Rewards of Being a Foster Parent

A Sense of Fulfillment

It may not seem like much, but when you see your child smile for the first time after being away from home for so long, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Besides, as a foster parent, you experience the joy of seeing a child thrive and grow into adulthood.

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Becoming a foster parent allows you to make a real difference in the lives of some very vulnerable children. Your love and commitment will give these children hope and courage. They will learn how to cope with adversity and overcome obstacles. And they will develop self-confidence and independence.

The Joy of Watching Children Grow Up

As a foster parent, your role is to provide a haven for a child while their biological parents try to find ways to reunite with them. That means you have to be patient and understanding. It also means that you have to watch your child grow up before your eyes. Isn’t this one of the most rewarding experiences?

Helping Others

One of the most significant rewards of fostering is helping others. By providing a loving environment for troubled children, you give them the chance to heal and live happily. You’ll feel good about yourself, too, because you’ve extended a hand of kindness to someone that needs it.

Making a Positive Impact on Society

By adopting a child, you’re making a positive impact on society. You’re helping raise a child who will contribute positively to the world. In fact, studies show that children raised in foster homes tend to do better in school and have higher rates of success later on in life.

TFI Family Provides Compassionate Foster Care and Child Welfare Services!

We understand that being a foster parent isn’t always easy. We offer compassionate support services, including foster & kinship care, counseling support, education, training, etc. Our goal is to help you build a strong foundation for your new family. If you are interested in learning more about TFI Family, please contact us today.