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It is so important that your foster child feels love and appreciated while they are staying in your home this holiday season. This is such a special time of year for all children, and it can be completely magical and special for them. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to make your foster child have a great experience. Here are three ways to make the holiday season special for children in foster care.

How To Make The Holiday Season Special For Children In Foster Care

Let Them Participate In Family Traditions

One great way to allow foster children to feel special during the holiday season is to let them participate in all of your family traditions. These are special traditions that have a lot of meaning for you and your family and your foster child will feel so special and loved if you include them. These traditions can include carving pumpkins, coming up with a special dish for Thanksgiving dinner, purchasing gifts for charity, looking at Christmas lights, baking cookies, delivering treats, and the list goes on.

Let Them Purchase Gifts For Family Members

Another great way to make the holiday season special for children in foster care is to let them purchase gifts for family members. You will of course be purchasing gifts for them, but you can also allow them to feel more included by having them purchase special gifts as well. They will love being able to pick out unique gifts for each member of the family, and it will help them to really feel like they are an important part of your family.

Ask Them What They’d Like To Do

It is so important that you ask your foster child what they normally do during the holiday season and then incorporate these things into your holiday activities. This will let them know that what they want to do is just as important as what your family normally does.

To learn more ways to make the holiday season special for children in foster care, visit us today at TFI Oklahoma.