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Every family experiences ups and downs, and sometimes, they encounter challenges that shake their core. TFI Family Services recognizes these struggles and is committed to offering robust Family Preservation services. Our objective is not only to keep families intact but also to foster safe, healthy environments where every member can thrive. Our approach is anchored on connection, warmth, and an understanding of the impact of trauma on child development and family systems.

Preserving Family: TFI's Holistic Approach to Family Preservation

Our Family-Centered Model

TFI’s Family Preservation services are grounded in a model characterized by mutual trust, respect, honesty, and open communication. We see families not merely as recipients of our services but as active participants in shaping their path to wellness.

Key elements of our family-centered model include:

Working with the Family Unit: Our approach is holistic, recognizing that the health of one member affects the entire family system. We work diligently to ensure the safety and well-being of all family members.

Strengthening Families: Our services aim to boost the capacity of families, increasing protective factors to prevent maltreatment.

Empowering Families: We believe in engaging, empowering, and partnering with families throughout the decision-making and goal-setting process.

Individualized Services: Each family is unique, and so should be the services they receive. We provide culturally competent, flexible, and relevant services tailored to each family’s needs.

Community Connections: We link families with formal and informal, culturally relevant community-based networks for further support and services.

Levels of Care

Our Family Preservation services are delivered through two primary levels of care: Tier One and Tier Two. Each level caters to specific family needs and risk factors.

Tier One is a therapeutic intervention. A therapist works with the family weekly, providing up to five hours of service per week over a six to eight-week period. This level is suitable for families with high-risk children or a history of child abuse findings. Contact with the family is initiated within an hour of referral, and a meeting is set within 48 hours.

Tier Two focuses on case management with a case manager and family support worker assigned to the family. Services are provided weekly, two to four hours a week, for three to six months. This level is appropriate for families with moderate to high risk factors. The case manager and family support worker work with no more than 12 families at a time.

The duration for both tiers depends on each family’s engagement level and ability to mitigate safety and risk concerns. All referrals to TFI for Family Preservation services are made through the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF), which also determines the level of service provided.

TFI Family Services: Committed to Family Preservation

At TFI Family Services, we believe in the power of family preservation. By providing comprehensive, individualized services, we empower families to overcome challenges, strengthen their bonds, and create nurturing environments for all members. For more information about our Family Preservation services, contact us today.