Consider Fostering a Teenager

One of the main questions to consider when fostering a child is age-range. Many stories about troubled teens and the challenges that come with hormones and mood swings, cause people to choose younger children. This leaves many preteens and teens in youth shelters or bouncing from home to home, without proper mentorship and love that … Read moreConsider Fostering a Teenager

Top Myths of Becoming a Foster Parent

There are many families willing, and able to become foster parents in Nebraska and Oklahoma; the truth is many don’t know where to start. With this being the reality, many eligible foster parents prolong getting the valuable information needed to take the first steps to foster. This allows common myths about foster parenting to remain … Read moreTop Myths of Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster Agencies: Choosing the Right One

So you are interested in becoming a foster parent, but now what? Choosing foster agencies is an important step that should not be taken lightly. Your foster agency will be the people who support you through this major life change, and you want to go into that decision with care and concern. Support When deciding … Read moreFoster Agencies: Choosing the Right One

Once Upon a Time…A Story About Three Sisters

Once upon a time, there were three little girls whose mom loved them very much. It’s just too bad she loved meth more. On the days when their mom wasn’t strung out, things were very, very good and they flourished. They made it to school on time, had lunches packed for them, were greeted at … Read moreOnce Upon a Time…A Story About Three Sisters

The Truth About Becoming a Foster Parent

The thought of becoming a foster parent is utterly challenging for the majority. There are questions and doubts in one’s mind before deciding to undergo this life-changing journey. Whether that is the fear of not being able to complete the tasks as a great parent to this child, or the fear of what others may … Read moreThe Truth About Becoming a Foster Parent

5 Ways to Encourage Kindness in Your Foster Child

All parents want to raise happy, healthy children. This can become even more challenging when fostering a child. Many foster children come from abusive or neglectful environments. Foster parents strive to build confidence, self-esteem, and compassion in the children they care for so they can begin to heal and grow up to live productive, fulfilling … Read more5 Ways to Encourage Kindness in Your Foster Child

Foster Care: When the Whole Family is Involved

When considering becoming a foster parent, one may also wish to examine the impact on the whole family. If children are living in the home, their lives will be significantly affected. When a foster child is placed, children living in the home will have to share many things. Holidays and family gatherings will be different, … Read moreFoster Care: When the Whole Family is Involved

Crushing the Foster Parenting Myths

Myth vs. Reality Becoming a foster parent is a very rewarding decision, but you know this already. You know the value of giving a home to a child who needs it. You know what a huge difference you can make in a child’s life. Foster parenting is what you have always wanted to do. The … Read moreCrushing the Foster Parenting Myths

Foster Care Training: What to Expect

There are far more children in need of foster homes than there are foster homes to offer. This tragic fact means that many children are being placed outside of their home community, or in shelters. When this happens, children lose not only their family, but also their school friends, teachers, coaches, and sense of connection to … Read moreFoster Care Training: What to Expect