Respite Care to the Rescue!

What is Respite Care? Homes filled with children are also filled with energy. Parents balancing the needs of birth children and foster children are likely to experience burnout unless they take time to get away and rest. Respite foster care offers a unique opportunity for both foster families and those who might like to serve as … Read moreRespite Care to the Rescue!

I Want a License to Become a Foster Parent. Does It Take Long?

“Relatively” Speaking, Very Little Time Technically, a foster child is a relative, virtually no different than a biological child. Remembering that a biological child takes approximately 9 months to enter our lives, the time to get a license to become a foster parent is minimal. (And this legal right, or “license”, carries an emotional bond.) A … Read moreI Want a License to Become a Foster Parent. Does It Take Long?

Foster Care Training: What to Expect

There are far more children in need of foster homes than there are foster homes to offer. This tragic fact means that many children are being placed outside of their home community, or in shelters. When this happens, children lose not only their family, but also their school friends, teachers, coaches, and sense of connection to … Read moreFoster Care Training: What to Expect

5 Signs That You Would Be a Good Foster Parent

You might have heard about being a foster parent, and it might even be something that you have considered. However, you could be unsure of whether or not it’s actually something you should pursue. These are a few signs that you would be a good foster parent. 1. You Have Your Day-to-Day Life in Order … Read more5 Signs That You Would Be a Good Foster Parent

What to Consider if I Want to be a Foster Parent

Children come from every circumstance imaginable and giving them the help they need to succeed in life is a very rewarding experience. Caring for a child who is in need of a home and loving care is a joyful experience. However, sometimes foster parents begin to wonder if they were ready to foster the child … Read moreWhat to Consider if I Want to be a Foster Parent

A Word on Saying Goodbye

One of, if not the, biggest fear for those considering foster care is having to say goodbye. Understanding the fact that foster care is largely temporary is essential when deciding whether or not foster care is right for your family. Even those with the healthiest of grasps on this reality may find it difficult to … Read moreA Word on Saying Goodbye

The Very Best Things About Foster Care

Foster Care. Those very words sound ugly, sad, and hopeless. However, this misconception could not be more from the truth. Foster care is very lively and can have positive outcomes for some unfortunate situations. Everyone has some idea about what foster care lacks. More often than not, the best things are overlooked. Some positives include … Read moreThe Very Best Things About Foster Care

We Train Foster Parents

Have you considered becoming a foster parent, but aren’t sure you have what it takes?  Do you want to help children in need, but don’t know what to expect? Are you overwhelmed by the potential legal and emotional issues, and not quite ready to make the commitment? Don’t worry. We know that becoming a foster … Read moreWe Train Foster Parents

Summer is here! Here’s how to have fun with your foster children!

The sun is shining, school is out, and it’s time to have some summer fun. Get the whole family involved and make plans to spend some quality time together.

This time off from school is a great opportunity for you to connect with your foster child. These summer months are also critical for foster children, many of whom have moved around a lot during the school year. If they have fallen behind in their schoolwork, now is the perfect time to help them catch up.

Becoming a foster parent: how to decide if it’s for you

Foster parenting is a big, but rewarding experience. Helping vulnerable children by providing them with a safe and loving home is a selfless way to give back and support those who need it the most.

If you’ve been considering becoming a foster parent, but still aren’t quite sure, there are ways to evaluate if it’s right for you.