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Texas Foster Parent of the Month – June 2024

By June 27, 2024No Comments

QuanDre and Jacqueline Sewell, became fully licensed with TFI in February 2024. Prior to that, Jacquline fostered on her own with another agency from 2011 to 2017 where she was able to adopt a son and foster 23 children. Mr. and Mrs. Sewell married in August of 2022, and decided after a year or so that they would like to continue Jacquline’s journey of fostering together. Since being licensed with TFI, they have fostered 7 children, 2 sets of them being sibling groups of 3. They want to keep siblings together and have increased their capacity to accommodate these kiddos so they don’t have to be separated. Their end goal is adopting at some point whenever they are able to and when a child is legally up for adoption. They love fostering and being able to help the children in their community. Mrs. Sewell’s mother is very supportive and active in their life and the kids call her “Grandma.” She spoils them like any grandmother does to her grandbabies. Mr. and Mrs. Sewell are very involved with their church have developed great relationships within the community. They love to have lazy Saturdays with the kids, and like to go shopping with the kids where they let them pick out what they want with the money they give them. They have a family vacation together planned later this summer where they will be going to Lego Land and a water park.