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If you have biological children, you may not have problems with what they call you. Most will use names like mom and dad and their different variations. This comes naturally, and you do not think about it.  However, families with foster children are a little different. Foster children come from different backgrounds; some already know that you are not their biological parents, and others have faced countless difficulties elsewhere. Therefore, it is not obvious that they would be comfortable calling you the usual names. So what should foster children call their foster parents?
What Should Foster Children Call Their Foster Parents?

Factors that Will Affect What a Foster Child Calls You

Some issues will affect what a foster child calls you. Here are some of them.


The age of the child will determine the name they use. If you have adopted a non-verbal child or infant, they will be comfortable using mom or dad, since they will get to know you as their parent as they become aware of themselves. However, older children may have problems using such names. They may refer to you as mister or miss with your first name following, and only use mommy or dad when out there.

Do You Have Other Children?

If you have other children at home, the foster child may just adopt the name that the other kids call you because they will feel comfortable with what others are saying. It also makes them feel like part of the family.

Their History

If the child has a history of bouncing between foster homes or has suffered trauma at the hands of their adoptive parents, they may be willing or unwilling to use some popular names to call you.

How Do You Address Yourself?

What you tell them to call you may influence their choice of names to use when addressing you. They may also take cues from how you introduce yourself to other people. It is advisable to use names that you intend your foster kids to use during your interactions.

Do not force foster children to call you a specific name if they are not comfortable. Try to create a bond to make them feel comfortable around you, and they will address you appropriately. If you need child welfare services in Texas, TFI Family Services is ready to assist. Call us today!