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One question that a lot of single people have what it comes to foster care is whether they are able to become a foster parent. Thankfully, the answer is yes! However, since being a single foster parent is somewhat different from being a married foster parent, it is important that you are prepared for all that it may entail. Here are two great tips for being a single foster parent.

2 Tips For Being A Single Foster Parent

Create A Schedule

Since you are the sole person in charge of your foster child, it is very important that you create a schedule that allows both of you to thrive. While this schedule should allow for some level of flexibility, it is important that you follow it as best as you can. This helps create structure and routine for your foster child and it helps you keep on top of things.

Planning ahead will also allow you to make sure you have meals prepared, babysitters lined up when necessary, activities for your child to participate in, etc. It is also important to remember that you should let go of things in your schedule that aren’t important and fill your time up unnecessarily.

Give Yourself Grace

It is very important that you aren’t too hard on yourself when you are a single foster parent. It is okay if sometimes you feel overwhelmed and need some extra help from family and friends. It is also okay if you decide to pick up fast food instead of making the healthy homemade meal that you planned on.

By giving yourself grace, you can allow yourself to take a deep breath when necessary and dive back in the next day. This helps you to be the best foster parent possible for your foster child.

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