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Affirmations are a simple and powerful tool you can share with your foster children. Repeating short, positive statements is a proven way to build self-esteem and healthy habits.

Whatever our age, our thoughts shape our experiences. As a foster parent, you can help make them fun, so kids will want to get an early start. Here are 5 ideas.

Positive Affirmations for Children in Foster Care

Repeat them together:

Be a role model by letting your foster children see you using affirmations. Then, you might ask them to repeat what you’re saying or you might say them together while you look at each other and smile. Just be sure to use simple language and keep your affirmations in the present tense.

Sing out loud:

Singing is more fun than talking. Create affirmations that rhyme. Use funny voices and lively tunes to get your kids engaged.

Create a poster:

Turn your affirmations into a work of art. Make them into a poster or a collage. Write them on stickers and chalkboards. If your foster kids love repeating their apps in front of a mirror, you could even decorate the mirror with stickers or write your affirmations in lipstick.

Win prizes:

Give your foster children an extra incentive to complete their affirmations. Praise them for their efforts and serve their favorite dessert for dinner.

Go online:

You can find lots of support and resources online to help foster parents and foster children who want to use affirmations. That includes a wide variety of apps like ThinkUp and Smiling Mind, and many of them are free. Your foster children might also be excited about posting their affirmations on social media or recording them to share with family and friends.

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