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One of the most rewarding things you can ever do is foster a child. It leaves a positive mark on the child’s life by allowing you to assist a kid who is in a desperate situation. Generally, a child will often need to adjust to the new foster care environment. Your life and that of the child will undergo significant changes during the early stages. Ideally, the first few days or months often tend to be more challenging, but these few tips can help ease the transition.

3 Tips to Help Your Foster Child Adjust to Foster Care

Avail All Required Basics

Ensuring smooth transition and allowing foster children to adjust to their new environment begins with making all basic requirements available. They might include clothing, personal care items, food, and educational supplies. After the arrival of your foster child, inquire whether they would like anything to eat or drink. Doing so eliminates any shyness and lets them know you care.

Try Being Sensitive

It’s imperative to understand that some children are sensitive and might be reluctant to your hugs and affection. After all, you are still a total stranger in their eyes, and it will take some time for them to get used to you or other family members. Therefore, monitor the child’s behavior but avoid overacting and making a big deal out of everything they do. Consequently, this helps build trust and a more welcoming environment.

Be Extremely Careful When Mentioning the Child’s Birth Family

Mentioning what the child’s birth family has done can evoke strong emotions and make the kid vent over it often. Therefore, always be cautious when talking to the child about their birth family. Whether the child is upset about their birth family or not, you might be surprised how defensive they might be if you interject in such matters.

For more tips to help you and your foster child adjust to foster care and their new environment, contact us at TFI Family Services for more information and advice.