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Parents can do anything to make their child’s birthday memorable; foster kids are no exception. Celebrating your foster child’s birthday should be something you wish and enjoy doing as it allows you to show the child some love. This day might be the first birthday the foster child has ever celebrated, so you need to make the day unique and memorable.

How you treat or show them love goes a long way when forming an emotional bond. In this article, you will learn easy tips to make your foster child’s birthday the best occasion they ever had.

How to Make Your Foster Child’s Birthday Memorable

Make it a Family Affair

Creating an emotional bond with your foster child will need some effort. Do everything as a family so that the child will have the support and love of every family member. Let the brothers and sisters play a significant role in the birthday preparation; it will help build a bond faster.

If your child wants their biological parent to be present during the birthday, you should fulfil her wish with the agency’s permission.

Buy a Thoughtful Gift

Give your foster child something meaningful based on their interests and preference. This gift can be something they always wished to have, and the best way to fulfill the wish is to gift them as a birthday present.

Since you also do not want to buy something they do not like, you may ask right ahead what they want. It will show that you listen to them and mind their feelings.

Go on a Family Trip as a Birthday Treat

Going on a trip as a family may have very memorable events. If your foster child loves traveling, you can take them to the zoo, the beach, a museum, a boat ride, or the park. A trip will give them time and space to refresh since adapting to a new family is not easy.

Treat them the Same as Your Children

If you have other kids and the foster child has ever experienced a birthday party you have planned for them, maybe do something similar. It will make them feel special when you give them equal treatment to their siblings.

Bottom Line

Making your foster child’s birthday shouldn’t feel like a struggle. Show your foster child the love they need, and bonding will be easy for the whole family.

For more information on how to show love to your foster child or on how to become a foster parent, please do not hesitate to contact us today!