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Are you thinking of becoming a foster parent to a teenager, but you are worried about how to welcome them and make the home comfortable? You should implement a few things to make the teenager feel welcome. These are;

7 Ways to Make a Foster Teenager Feel Welcome at Your HomeCreate a Space for Them

Have a room specifically designed to suit their taste. You can also ask the kid how you should decorate their room. Provide clean bedding, a bedside table, and a closet. If you do not know what the kid likes, leave the walls bare and tell them they can decorate with anything they want.

Avoid Asking a Million Questions Right Away

Do not scare off the teenager with a bunch of questions. Let them open up in their own time when they are most comfortable. This will build trust between the parents and the foster teenager.

Plan Family Meals around Foods They Like

When preparing meals, you can incorporate a dish that the teenager loves. This will make them feel you mind them, and bonding will be easy.

Let Them Help You Shop and Cook

When going out shopping, ask the kid to come with you to help out. You can ask for their opinions concerning an item you need to buy to show them the need to be part of the family.
If they are comfortable helping you with cooking and light house chores, you can request them to do so. Avoid giving heavy house chores that might stress them.

Introduce Yourself, and Ask Them What They Would Like to be Called in Public

Most foster teenagers dislike being referred to as “foster children.” Ask your teenager what name they would like to be called. Do not push the kid to call you “mum” or “dad” so soon. Introduce yourself with a name to which they can refer you.

Allow Them to Have Some Alone Time

Allow them to have some time alone to adjust and unwind slowly. Most kids take time to bond with a new family; you should be patient and show your support.

Give Them a Tour of the House and the Neighborhood

Show the new family member around the house to avoid getting lost around the house. If there are any rules, let them know. You should also show them around the neighborhood and introduce them to fun activities if there are any.

Final Thoughts

The initial welcome of a foster teenager will significantly affect how the family bonds, either negatively or positively. If you plan on having a foster child, prepare a warm welcome for them, and your bonding will be automatic.

If you are interested in getting started as a foster family, call us today!  Also, do not hesitate to contact us today if you would like to learn more ways on how to make your foster teenager feel welcome at home.