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foster care child eating with foster father

Little girl bursts into laugh while having breakfast with her foster father

Did you know children are placed in foster care due to no fault of their own? They are just living their little lives while dealing with unstable parents. This might include:

  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Neglect such as inadequate food, shoddy housing, or being left alone for long periods of time
  • Being witness to violent crimes
  • A myriad of other troubling situations

But this is what they know. And because children are oh so resilient, they survive.

Even in the Unknown

Then suddenly, and to them inexplicably, they are ripped away from those they know and love. Sadly, this oftentimes includes their siblings. They are given to strangers, taken out of their communities, and enrolled in new schools.

And yet, they are expected to behave perfectly. Put yourself in their position for a second. Would you be a model of perfect behavior given these circumstances?

Myth: Foster Children Are Misbehaved

Children in foster care get a bad rap exactly because of this – they are often poorly behaved. Please realize these behavior issues are likely stemming from the traumas they have experienced; starting with the poor parenting which led to the state’s intervention.

They are not bad kids! Although they absolutely will test you in every way possible, this is only because everyone else has let them down and they expect you to do the same.

They Need Stability

However, what these kiddos desperately crave is stability and kindness and patience. TFI Family Connections is looking for families who can provide a calm, loving, stable household for the most at-risk children in our communities.

Everyone deserves the chance to grow up feeling safe and cared for and worthwhile. You can provide interim care for these children while we find a forever home for them. Even though the children will be in your care temporarily, this time with you is critical in helping them heal from their past so they can make a successful transition to a life-long family.

Learn More About the Children in Foster Care

Please give a child a second chance today. You can get more information and see answers to commonly asked questions on the “How to Become a Foster Parent” page of our website. Our “Contact us” page provides contact information for our services in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.