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foster care youth in high school

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An Unstable Time Period

As someone who experienced foster care, I can attest to its necessity for a child who lost their home. During this portion of the youth’s life, he or she is looking for a reason to have hope. Particularly, the child will be looking for a constant in an ever-changing world. Indeed, the foster care system offers an opportunity for this.

If carried out in the correct manner, the foster care system will be a benefit that prevents developmental, physical, emotional, and mental issues. If foster parents attend to the children, the children may perhaps cease to house fear.

Providing Relief

It cannot be stressed enough that this transition is not a swift one. For some children, the trauma witnessed while with their biological parents is so intense that therapies could be extended after entering the foster care system. With these types of children, it is important that they are made to feel safe. Further, in the case of abused or neglected youth, they may find merit in the world.

For some, this concept will be difficult to grasp and even harder to maintain so it is paramount that anyone who so chooses to have a role in the foster care system is aware of what it will require of them. Being a foster parent is more than providing a home for a downtrodden child, it is providing a genuine family for a fragile person in dire need of contentment and safety.

A way to accomplish such a task is to show interest in the child. By appealing to their foster child’s interests, the foster parent may be able to eliminate some time it takes for the child to adjust to their new home. Asking about their dreams, goals, hobbies and other intrinsic characteristics, an avenue of connection is opened.

Akin to any other foster care process, time is key and even if the aforementioned topics may seem to matter little in comparison to specified therapy, the child sees differently. The child sees the effort their new guardian is putting into creating a home for him or her. Thus, the child sees a reason to trust again and be happy. The child sees a reason to believe that an opportunity for happiness is not far off.

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