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Angie's story ends well while she ju,ps on bed with unicorn costume

A girl dressed in unicorn costume jumping on bed at home

Angie’s story begins with once upon a time. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved unicorns. Well, let’s be honest, she was kind of obsessed with them. She had t-shirts with sparkly unicorns on them. She collected unicorn stuffed animals. Her bedroom was unicorn-themed. And she had an entire notebook filled with unicorns she had drawn.

Angie’s Story

For the most part, this little girl – let’s call her Angie – was very happy. That is, until her mom started dating a man who liked to make visits to Angie’s unicorn-filled room in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, her Mom didn’t believe her. She accused Angie of making stories up like she did for her stuffed unicorns. But, Angie’s best friend’s mother did.

By the time Angie was taken into protective custody, the boyfriend had been sexually molesting her for six months. This left Angie with a strong fear of men and made it necessary for her to be placed in the home of a single female foster parent. This safe place allowed Angie to begin the healing process.

Myth: Married Couples Only

There is a big misconception that only married couples can be foster parents. However, different children need different types of families. While a traditional couple in their 40’s might be right for one child, this might not be a good fit for another – just like in Angie’s case. So, don’t rule yourself out just because you are single!

Thanks to the choice of foster parent for Angie and some intensive therapy, she was eventually able to trust men again. Her biological mom kept making bad choices, so never got custody of her daughter again. But, Angie was adopted by a lovely couple and even started drawing unicorns in blue again.

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