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Tulsa, Oklahoma (Feb. 3, 2021)

The Children’s Medical Charities Association (CMCA), the surviving philanthropic arm of the Children’s Medical Center Auxiliary of Tulsa, recently awarded TFI Oklahoma a $5,000 grant to purchase tablets for local Tulsa children in foster care. These tablets are being used for their telehealth services during COVID-19.

Children in foster care are vulnerable and have been subjected to trauma, at no fault of their own. As such, mental health and other medical services are absolutely vital. Thanks to CMCA, Tulsa children in foster care have continued to receive all the necessary and integral services to ensure their safety and well-being during the pandemic.

“We are so grateful to CMCA for their generous support. These tablets will ensure the children we serve stay connected to necessary supports and continue to receive telehealth services,” said Catherine Mure, TFI Oklahoma Foster Care Director. “It isn’t a secret that COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone and has created barriers to remaining connected to others. But because of CMCA, this isn’t the case for the children we serve. We are so appreciative of their partnership.”

The new tablets went directly to Tulsa children in foster care and are being used for telehealth services, family visits and education.

TFI is a leading child welfare agency providing experience, compassion, quality services and care. We provide various types of services in the community and have over 50 years of experience in providing child welfare services including foster care services, group home care, case management, independent living, psychiatric residential treatment center, behavioral health, adoption services, visitation services, and aftercare services.

There are numerous ways you can help support children in foster care. If you are interested in learning about how you can make a difference, please contact us at 833-7FOSTER.