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Today’s society is always so rushed. We always seem to be in some form of chaos, whether we are in the middle of doings things, thinking about the things we haven’t done, or planning the things that we need to do. We have to remember however, that those things, tasks, meetings, deadlines, chores, and everything else that we HAVE to do can often wait. They can wait until we do the things that really matter, and that is spend time with the people that we love and care for. We need to build those bonds and enhance those relationships while we have the chance. Spending quality time with family can done in so many ways and can truly be the most creative thing in our busy lives.

Creative Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Foster FamilyUnplug!

Pledge to have a day without ANY electronic recreation. This will take commitment by the whole family, as most youth today are unable to remember a time when television, video games, remote controlled toys, and virtual entertainment didn’t exist. Take this opportunity to share favorite games and activities from your era. Retro board games such as LIFE and Battleship, card games, like UNO and Phase 10, and active outdoor games such as Horseshoes, Tag, and Red Rover can make for a very inexpensive and memorable day for your family.


Settle in for a relaxing adventure gazing at the night’s sky. You can make this as simple or as intricate as you’d like. If it’s a cooler night, passing out hot cocoa and maybe even building a fire to roast up some s’mores may create an “out of this world” experience. An idea for including smaller children is setting up a small wading pool in the backyard and filling it with pillows and blankets. Once your setting up is complete, it’s time to explore the moon and stars of our solar system!

Movie Night

Technology isn’t always bad, as being exposed to what interests your family can help you learn more about them. Let each member of the family pick out a favorite movie for everyone to watch. Not only will everyone get to experience something new, but it allows for that person to share something that is important to them with the entire family. Throw in some popcorn and pillow forts for a complete cinematic experience!


Allow everyone to put in some input to help create a menu of new recipes for the night. Duties can be delegated by dish, by step, by preference, or by age appropriate activities. This activity can help to increase communication, team work, cooking skills, and after you’re done, everyone gets to enjoy the delicious meal!


Pick a project for the whole family to participate in together. Whether it be planting a garden, painting a room, refurbishing a piece of furniture, or just creating a new space in the home by cleaning out old items, let everyone get their hands dirty and produce something that the whole family can be proud of and enjoy for years to come!

These are the kind of moments that your foster children will remember throughout their lives and may even re-create when they have families of their own. For more information on activities and ways to plan for quality time with your foster family, or if you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact us at the Texas Family Initiative.