Creative Methods to Help Your Foster Child

Taking a foster child or children into your home is no small decision. There are many things to consider. Know that you have done an incredible deed by taking the first step to lend a hand to a child who has likely been through more than most could ever handle.

As a new foster parent, you may sometimes be overwhelmed with the task. While the rewards are clear, the challenges are, too. There will be times that you may not know how best to help.

Creative expression is a wonderful outlet for adults and children alike. Consider the advantages of some fun, creative activities to do with your foster children. You may just discover a few hidden talents in the children and in yourself too.

Visual Art

Having art supplies on hand is a wonderful tool for any household with children. There are many easy cleanup options so you don’t have to worry too much about messes. Ask your foster child to draw a self-portrait and see what comes out on the page. It may provide valuable insights.


Listening to music is an excellent way to bond with your foster child. You can play kids’ music or your favorite tunes. All you have to do is put on your jam and sing along, which might encourage the child to do the same. Don’t worry if you make a fool of yourself.


Taking the music a step further, how about a little dance? Creative movement has long been identified for its host of positive benefits. Not only does dance provide a great cardiovascular workout, but it also affords another wonderful opportunity for self-expression.

Storytelling or Story Writing

Reading a bedtime story is a quintessential parent-child bonding experience. But stories do not have to be just for putting the child to sleep. Stories can happen at any time during the day, and you can encourage the child to tell you a story as well.

Group of kindergarten kids friends drawing art class outdoors

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While these activities will not solve the world’s problems in a day, they will get you one day closer to a great relationship with your foster child, your family, and yourself. They may give you a little peek into what your foster child has been through in his or her short life. With that understanding, you may find that your intuition will take you far in terms of healing.

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