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Are you a foster parent wondering how to help your children transit from their past to your new home? It can be overwhelming because most foster children may be struggling with a difficult past. Often, such children perceive a new residence as a threat. Luckily, you can be instrumental in streamlining their transit; try the following tips to help foster children feel accepted into your family.

Helping New Foster Kids Transition Into Your Family

1. Embrace Familiarity

The best way to help foster children travel is to build a connection that makes them comfortable with you. A child with a difficult past may not open up unless they feel a sense of belonging.

You could refer to the caseworker’s information for insights or ask how best to help the child travel. For instance, you may find out the child’s favorite snack, food, games, or how their bedroom was decorated –it enhances inclusivity.

2. Be Approachable

Being receptive and friendly creates a safe environment for your child. Your body language communicates a lot; you will scare the child if you always have a stern face or keep shouting at them.

Always get to the child’s level; you can bend or kneel to hug them. A welcoming environment enables the child to transit easily. It gives them room to make mistakes and breeds care, trust, and love, helping the child travel easily.

3. Establish Continuity

What habits and routines can you embrace from your child’s past home? Embracing such practices may mean discovering what their previous care providers used to do while creating normalcy.

On the flip side, introducing new rules may be ideal, but the child may take time to adjust because they cannot question why you insist on particular habits. If you cannot embrace some habits, find a balance in how the child can adopt new trends that instill safety.

4. Work on Connections

If the child cannot feel they belong to their new home, it may be challenging to transit. Foster parents should establish connections that build a relationship.

For example, allow the child to share their opinions when discussing something. Then, come up with ideas that can help build lasting connections for quick transition.

There are many ways foster parents can help their children travel and embrace their new family and new environment –the above tips can be helpful. For more information, contact us at TFI today.