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Before you become a foster parent, you’ll need to have a home study. Before the home study, you should gather any documents that the caseworker will want to see. These include birth certificates, marriage licenses, income tax returns, and pay stubs.  You should also gather any testimonials from friends and loved ones that testify to your overall character. Include an autobiographical statement about yourself. Here are some questions that might come up during the home study.

Here Are Some Home Study Questions To Prepare For

Why Do You Want To Adopt?


This is a question that you want to think about deeply before the home study begins. Maybe you grew up with abusive parents and now you want to spend the rest of your life providing a loving home for other children who experienced the same situation you were in. Or it could be that you recently retired, and now you see this role as something that could influence generations of children with your wisdom and love.


What Is Your Parenting Style?


The caseworker will also want to know about your approach to parenting. You should answer this question in detail and use specific examples. Discuss how you would discipline the child when he disobeys, and talk about what your expectations are of the child once he enters your home.


What Are Your Beliefs And Values?


You may be asked what your personal beliefs and values are. This gives the caseworker a deeper insight into how you will raise the child. Talk about your views on racial diversity, religion, finances, and education. If you value structure in the home, mention this and discuss your approach to maintaining structure in your home.

You don’t have to be intimidated by a home study. The caseworker just wants to make sure that the child will be placed in a loving and safe home.

If you’re a person who is interested in becoming a foster parent, contact us. We’re here to guide you through the process so that you start your journey the right way.