Foster Parent Requirements: Myths & Facts

Many caring people and couples consider applying to be foster care parents, but they aren’t sure if they meet the requirements. They might have heard certain myths surrounding foster parent requirements that make them believe they aren’t qualified, but more people are qualified to be foster parents than is commonly believed. Take a look at … Read moreFoster Parent Requirements: Myths & Facts

3 Reasons Why Foster Care Training Is So Important

Foster care training is very important because it teaches you so much about how to be the best parent. Here are three excellent reasons why it is so important. Create Positive Interactions With Children One training goal is to ensure that you are able to create positive interactions with children. These children need a lot … Read more3 Reasons Why Foster Care Training Is So Important

Can I Be a Kinship Foster Parent?

You never imagined it would happen to someone in your family or circle of friends. But it has. A child is placed in foster care. Perhaps the children’s parent is your teenage niece, who has had a baby she’s not ready to care for. Or your cousin who has been struggling with substance addiction. Maybe … Read moreCan I Be a Kinship Foster Parent?

Becoming a Foster Parent: The 5 Primary Requirements

We are so glad you are interested in becoming a foster parent! Whether you are just starting the process or have been researching the idea for a while now, we are happy to help you get started. There are so many kids who would benefit from your love, care, and devotion that are just waiting … Read moreBecoming a Foster Parent: The 5 Primary Requirements

The Basic Requirements of Foster Care

Fostering a child is one of the most rewarding experiences in which someone can participate. There are many families that are interested in this experience, but are confused as to what the requirements are to become a foster parent. Many people, not knowing some basic requirements, miss out on the opportunity to foster. So, to … Read moreThe Basic Requirements of Foster Care

Crushing the Foster Parenting Myths

Myth vs. Reality Becoming a foster parent is a very rewarding decision, but you know this already. You know the value of giving a home to a child who needs it. You know what a huge difference you can make in a child’s life. Foster parenting is what you have always wanted to do. The … Read moreCrushing the Foster Parenting Myths