Helping Your New Foster Child to Sleep Well

Sleep is important for everyone and for children it is vital. It helps them stay healthy, increases their attention span, improves their mental health, and primes them for a day of learning. But when you get a new foster child, there is a good chance that they will have difficulty sleeping. This is especially true … Read moreHelping Your New Foster Child to Sleep Well

5 Time Management Tips for Foster Care Parents  

Becoming a foster care parent can be a very enriching experience, but you may need some help in dealing with your new daily schedule. Use these 5 time management tips to help you meet the demands of a bigger family. Set Priorities Figure out your most urgent and important tasks, and build your schedule around … Read more5 Time Management Tips for Foster Care Parents  

Consider Fostering a Teenager

One of the main questions to consider when fostering a child is age-range. Many stories about troubled teens and the challenges that come with hormones and mood swings, cause people to choose younger children. This leaves many preteens and teens in youth shelters or bouncing from home to home, without proper mentorship and love that ... Read moreConsider Fostering a Teenager

Foster Agencies: Choosing the Right One

So you are interested in becoming a foster parent, but now what? Choosing foster agencies is an important step that should not be taken lightly. Your foster agency will be the people who support you through this major life change, and you want to go into that decision with care and concern. Support When deciding … Read moreFoster Agencies: Choosing the Right One

The Basic Requirements of Foster Care

Fostering a child is one of the most rewarding experiences in which someone can participate. There are many families that are interested in this experience, but are confused as to what the requirements are to become a foster parent. Many people, not knowing some basic requirements, miss out on the opportunity to foster. So, to … Read moreThe Basic Requirements of Foster Care

Four Foster Care Benefits

Foster care is often the best place for kids and teens with unfortunate home situations and life circumstances. Here are four good foster care benefits and why they are important. Stability A child going into foster care may not have known any stability at home. Perhaps their parents were unreliable or caregivers were constantly walking in and … Read moreFour Foster Care Benefits

We Train Foster Parents

Have you considered becoming a foster parent, but aren’t sure you have what it takes?  Do you want to help children in need, but don’t know what to expect? Are you overwhelmed by the potential legal and emotional issues, and not quite ready to make the commitment? Don’t worry. We know that becoming a foster … Read moreWe Train Foster Parents

5 Tips for Being a Stellar Foster Parent

Becoming a Foster Parent

You’ve made the decision to become a foster parent, and that is absolutely fantastic. Thousands of children in Kansas right now are in need of a foster home, and with only 2,000 being licensed and available at this time, there isn’t enough space for these deserving and beautiful kids. If you’ve made the choice to … Read more5 Tips for Being a Stellar Foster Parent