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time management with a calendar so a busy mom can stay on top of it

Becoming a foster care parent can be a very enriching experience, but you may need some help in dealing with your new daily schedule. Use these 5 time management tips to help you meet the demands of a bigger family.

Set Priorities

Figure out your most urgent and important tasks, and build your schedule around them. Streamline your to-do list by striking off nonessential chores.

Create a Downtime

Be prepared for the unexpected. Give yourself a buffer in between projects so you can bounce back from heavy traffic or long waiting times for doctor appointments.

Design Stopping Points

What happens when you have to drop what you’re doing and deal with a pressing matter, like calls from your foster child’s school? You can increase your efficiency and reduce your stress by developing your own system for smooth transitions. Maybe you give yourself 30 seconds to design a good stopping place or maybe you use an app or a journal to record what your next step will be when you return.

Think Small

You might find yourself having to do your usual work at unusual times of day. Cleaning your kitchen late at night when you’re already exhausted may seem overwhelming. Try breaking it down into smaller steps. Wipe the counters and sweep the floor. You may need to stop there or you may build enough momentum to run the dishwasher too.

Ask for Help

Take advantage of all the resources available to you. Thus, making your foster parent experience a success for you and your foster child. In addition to friends and family, you can research the leading child welfare agencies in your community to see what services they offer.

Learn More About Time Management as a Foster Parent

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