Top Myths of Becoming a Foster Parent

There are many families willing, and able to become foster parents in Nebraska and Oklahoma; the truth is many don’t know where to start. With this being the reality, many eligible foster parents prolong getting the valuable information needed to take the first steps to foster. This allows common myths about foster parenting to remain … Read moreTop Myths of Becoming a Foster Parent

Three Ways to Help Without Becoming a Foster Parent

According to a report by the Administration for Children and Families, the number of children in foster care is on the rise. This information lends itself to the idea that we all need to play a role in helping these most vulnerable children. But does that mean that everyone should run out and sign up … Read moreThree Ways to Help Without Becoming a Foster Parent

Four Foster Care Benefits

Foster care is often the best place for kids and teens with unfortunate home situations and life circumstances. Here are four good foster care benefits and why they are important. Stability A child going into foster care may not have known any stability at home. Perhaps their parents were unreliable or caregivers were constantly walking in and … Read moreFour Foster Care Benefits