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Foster care children have often been handed a bad hand, but this doesn’t mean that their luck will stay that way forever. Thanks to caring people who want to adopt a beautiful foster care child, they have a 2nd chance at life in a new home.

The Beauty of a Relationship With a Foster Care Child

The benefits of good parents to a foster child are almost beyond words and have been covered in detail. But what about the benefits to the parents? The fact is, the benefits go both ways. The children often give more to adults than they receive. This is because a new child can bring new positive traits and perspectives that improve the parent’s lives.

There is exquisite beauty in seeing a child’s compassion for their foster parents. Parents know that the children look up to them, that they are the people that are providing protection and guidance. The ability to teach children, to support them, to love them, creates a beautiful bond. The satisfaction of helping out a young girl or boy and guiding them within this chaotic world fosters a sense of appreciation and trust.

There’s something about showing a child that they are special and worthy of care that provides the utmost satisfaction.  The children truly feel something that was missing in their life is regained, and often, the parents feel the same way.

There’s beauty in the little things – the smiles, laughter, and fun. And there’s beauty in the bad too – the tears, the hangups, the insecurity. There’s also beauty in the uniqueness of the relationship. In some ways, a foster child relationship is deeper than a typical child-parents relationship. Parents and children are together because they chose one another.

Choosing a foster child takes a special couple. But the children are extra-special too. As a result, a unique relationship can blossom between child and parents. Yes, the relationship isn’t “conventional” but it has a special beauty that transcends boundaries. Interested in donating to T.F.I, a leading children’s wellness agency? Contact us today for more information!