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Bringing visibility to children available for adoption in the Big Country and Texoma regions

2INgage is thrilled to announce the triumphant return of the celebrated “Heart Gallery” adoption program, bringing renewed hope and visibility to children in the Big Country and Texoma regions searching for their “no matter what” families.

This unique initiative aims to overcome the challenges often faced by older children in the adoption process by harnessing the power of community connection and stunning photography.

“2INgage is excited to engage our local communities as we implement the Heart Gallery. We have many children in foster care that are legally free for adoption. The Heart Gallery will not only help us raise awarenes

s of the need for more foster/adoptive families in the community, but it could be the direct path for many of our children to be connected with their ‘no matter what’ family,” Randy Neff, 2INgage Senior Vice President.

The Heart Gallery program goes beyond traditional methods, tapping into the creativity and compassion of our community to tell the stories of these incredible children – not just through statistics but through their eyes, smiles, and unique personalities.

Capturing Hearts, One Picture at a Time

The program’s magic lies in its dedicated network of volunteer photographers who generously donate their time and talent. These gifted individuals capture heartfelt portraits and candid moments of children waiting to be adopted, showcasing their individual personalities, interests, and dreams.

Connecting Communities, Building Forever Families

The program extends beyond beautiful photographs. The captivating portraits are strategically displayed at local events, businesses, and medical facilities – places frequented by individuals and families. This strategic visibility ensures that the children waiting for adoption become familiar faces within their own communities, fostering a sense of connection and familiarity.

Statewide Collaboration for a Brighter Future

The Heart Gallery is not isolated in the Big Country and Texoma areas. It forms part of a broader statewide initiative to increase adoption rates for older children, spearheaded by The Texas Center for Child and Family Studies. Other partners include the Moritz Center for Societal Impact at the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Governor’s Commission for Women. By uniting forces and sharing best practices, organizations like 2INgage play a crucial role in changing the landscape of adoption recruitment in Texas.

Join the Movement, Change a Life

The return of the Heart Gallery marks a pivotal moment in the journey to provide every child in the Big Country and Texoma with a loving home. Everyone can make this dream a reality by offering photography skills, spreading awareness, or opening hearts and homes.

To learn more about the Heart Gallery of Northwest Texas and how to get involved, please visit or email