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When you become a foster parent, you need to be ready to foster children of all ages. One age that may need a great deal of preparation is the newborn age. These babies generally need a lot of extra care, and it is important that you are prepared. Here are three great tips for fostering an infant.

3 Great Tips For Fostering An Infant

Be Prepared To Deal With A Variety Of Issues

A lot of babies that are brought into the foster care system come from mothers who may have dealt with a variety of addictions during their pregnancy. Because of this, the infant may have birth defects and may also be suffering from withdrawal from whatever the mother was addicted to. This means that they are going to need a lot of extra care, especially in the beginning. Being prepared to deal with this will help you to feel better when the infant arrives in your home.

Purchase Small Amounts Of Clothing In Each Size

Infants grow quickly, so you don’t need a ton of clothes in a particular size. Instead, you should get small amounts of clothing in a variety of sizes. This ensures that you always have something to fit an infant, no matter how big or small they are. You should also consider getting items that are more gender-neutral so that you can use them for both girl and boy infants that you foster.

Become Familiar With Infant Needs

If you haven’t had a child before, or if it has been a long time since you have had an infant, it is important that you are familiar with infant needs. Learn all you can about their sleep schedule, eating schedule, doctor’s appointment schedule, diaper changing, bathing, and more. Doing this will help you to plan a schedule around your infant that works best for both of you.

To learn more great tips for fostering an infant, or to begin the process of becoming a foster parent today, visit us at TFI Family Services.