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When you bring a foster child into your home, you want to do everything that you can to make the transition as smooth as possible for them. Thankfully, there are certain things you can do to make this happen. Here are three great tips for making the transition smooth for your foster child.

3 Tips For Making The Transition Smooth For Your Foster Child

Make Your Home Inviting

To help your child feel comfortable in your home, you can do all that you can to make it inviting for them.  If they are a young child, make sure you don’t have a lot of things out that are breakable and intimidating to them. Having comfortable furniture, a clean home, etc., can help your foster child to feel that your home is an inviting place. Also, making their room comfortable and personalized to their needs can also help your home to feel more inviting and give them their own personal haven.

Create A Routine

A great way to help your foster child transition into your home, is to create a routine for them. This routine will help them to know what to expect from each day, which can help them to feel more secure. You can even talk with them about what they are used to doing and add this into your routine as well. Posting this routine in their bedroom and in other places throughout your home can serve as a great reminder to them, and help them remember what comes next.

Be Patient With Them

It is very important that you don’t expect too much out of your foster child when they first arrive at your home. You must understand that this is a huge life transition for them, and they are going to need time to adjust to their new surroundings. Let them know that you are here for them and will give them the time they need to help them adjust.

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