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When you choose to become a foster parent, it is important to recognize that this not only affects you and your spouse, but it affects your entire family. This means that your children need to be brought into the conversation and prepared to welcome foster children into your home. Doing this can make all the difference in the world and can help the whole experience be a positive one for your family. Here are three tips for preparing your children for fostering.

3 Tips For Preparing Your Children For Fostering

Let Them Know What To Expect 

It is important that your children know what to expect when a foster child is first brought into your home. This helps them know how to act towards your foster child and can help everyone feel more comfortable. Let them know that it may take some time for your foster child to adjust and that acting warm and welcoming to them is the best way for them to adjust.

Encourage Them To Be Patient

It takes time for a foster child to adjust to their new home and it is important that you teach your own children to be patient during this process. Acting with love and patience is the best way to help your foster child feel welcomed into your home. This can often be a harder principle for young children to learn, but taking the time to talk about what patience is and how it can help your new foster child can go a long way in preparing your children.

Teach The Importance Of Sharing 

If you take the time to teach your children that they are going to have to share a lot of their things with your new foster child, this can avoid fights and negative confrontations once your foster child arrives. You can let them know that your foster child doesn’t have a lot of their own things and that it is so important that your children share their things with them. This can include their clothes, toys, rooms, etc. This will help your child understand how important it is to share and let them know how helpful it is for your foster child.

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