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Consistent Parenting Advice for Family Foster Care

Getting ready for a day at school.

If you’re involved in family foster care, you’ve probably heard about the importance of consistent parenting. All children need structure and limits to help them feel secure and understand the consequences of their actions. That’s especially true for foster children who may have an even greater need for stability.

However, consistency can be difficult to achieve. Here are a few suggestions to help encourage loving and healthy family bonds:

Think Long Term

It may sometimes feel like it’s easier to give in when your foster child fails to clean their room or starts to throw a tantrum in public. However, standing firm is better for you and your family. Your foster child will learn important lessons about becoming a responsible adult, and your home life will run more smoothly.

Establish Routines

Prepare for potentially challenging situations. For example, establish a morning routine tog et out the door and bedtime ritual for better sleep.

Coordinate With Other Caregivers

Many children learn to play one parent against the other. In family foster care, these issues can multiply as the number of caregivers grows. Focus on communication and collaboration so you can use a similar approach as much as possible.

Be Flexible

There’s no such thing as 100% consistency in the real world, and that may not even be desirable. It is reasonable to treat individual children differently depending on their needs. You may also need to establish priorities for areas where you require strict compliance and other areas where you can sometimes grant more exceptions.

Provide a Role Model

Consistency starts with you. Thus, make a commitment to trying to be loving, positive, and calm in all your interactions with your foster children.

Learn More About Consistent Parenting

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent in Kansas or Nebraska, contact us at TFI Family Services. Learn more about our family foster care training and services.