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Foster parents have to juggle many significant responsibilities while caring for foster kids. One of their most challenging tasks is facilitating communication between foster children and their birth families. Foster parents are understandably concerned about tension that may arise between them and the child’s natural parents. Birth parents may express feelings of anger and resentment about the fact that their child is not  currently living them. However, unless the parents are dangerous or abusive, it is generally beneficial for the foster kid to have healthy and regular communication with his or her birth parents. Here are three important reasons why foster parents should help encourage communication between foster kids and their biological families.

A Sense of Identity

Kids that are in the foster system often experience confusion and anxiety about their identity and their place in the world. This is an understandable effect of having been separated from their birth family. By allowing the child to communicate with their family of origin, foster parents are enhancing the child’s ability to establish their identity, gain confidence, and feel a greater sense of stability.

Nurture Positive Relationships

Except for cases of abuse or neglect, it is vital for foster children to maintain relationships with their birth families. Foster kids often struggle with feelings of rejection. Having healthy and positive relationships with their natural parents can help foster kids feel safe, loved, and valued.

Easier Reunification

Ideally, most foster kids will eventually be reunited with their birth families. If children have been maintaining relationships with their biological parents during their time in foster care, this adjustment will be easier on everyone.

We Can Help! 

Managing the communication between birth parents and foster kids is a complex and difficult process. The good news is that this challenging task doesn’t have to be handled alone. Foster parents should contact us today for help with all of their foster care needs. We are eager to help in any way we can!